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Introduction to occupational diseases Károly Nagy and Ferenc Kudász, National Labour Office - Department of Occupational Health, Hungary Occupational diseases span a broad range of human illnesses, many of which clinically and pathologically are not different from those of non-occupational origins. They are contracted as a result of exposure to risk factors resulting, at least partially, from work activities.

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The diagnosis of occupational diseases can rarely be established on clinical grounds alone. However, the list of reportable occupational diseases, as well as the related compensation systems, differs from country to country, making comparisons considerably more difficult.

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Burden of occupational diseases Eero Priha, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health Work related diseases cause great losses to employees, companies and society at large. Work related attributable fraction AF of many diseases may be considerable although the disease is not accepted as an occupational diseases.

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As much as 3. Different methods have been developed for the evaluation of economic costs to companies and society. Common principle in linking insurance costs to occupational accident rate serves as a good impetus to improve occupational safety and health OSH in a company.

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